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Heuchera (Coral Bells) 'Cistronelle'

Heuchera (Coral Bells) 'Cistronelle'

'Citronelle' is a robust hybrid with citron yellow leaves and silver undersides. When planted in heavier shade, the leaves will be more chartreuse. Since the leaves are so light in color, this variety appreciates more shade than some of the other villosa hybrids.

'Citronelle' is a sport of the popular 'Caramel' and has the same great compact habit. It is from Thierry Delabroye of France.

This plant is a Heuchera villosa hybrid. The villosa species is a large, late blooming type that exhibits an increased tolerance of high heat and humidity over other species. Most produce cream flowers in midsummer, though they are grown more for their fantastic foliage. H. villosa is native to the southeastern United States.
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