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Hydrangea - Zifen Doll

Hydrangea - Zifen Doll

Pink and white two-toned blooms!

A beautiful new hardy hydrangea with loads of bodacious blooms that emerge pure white and then turn bright pink from the bottom up. Flowers eventually age to a dark pink-red, and stay colorful for months. It looks a bit like classic Pinky Winky hydrangea, but with full, mophead flowers, and it blooms much earlier, too. Strong stems hold the flowers upright in the garden, and make it an excellent cut flower, too. Available in better garden centers Spring 2016.

Top three reasons to grow Zinfin Doll panicle hydrangea:
- Large, colorful mophead blooms appear earlier in summer than other varieties
- Blooms every year, no matter how harsh winter was
- Provides 3+ months of flowers

Garden Height:  72 - 96 Inches
Spacing:  72 - 96 Inches
Spread:  72 - 96 Inches
Light Requirement:  Sun
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