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Salvia nemorosa COLOR SPIRES

Salvia nemorosa COLOR SPIRES

Series Name: COLOR SPIRES® Collection
Common Name: Salvia-Perennial
Common Name (Alternative): Garden Sage
Proven Winners® Perennial
Salvia is a staple item for every sunny garden. It asks little more than sunshine and a little drink every once in a while in return for producing a bountiful mass of colorful flower spires from late spring into early summer. It forms a uniform, rounded clump of aromatic, rugose green foliage that looks nice all season long and is not enjoyed by rabbits or deer.

‘Violet Riot’ Salvia produces a riot of vivid violet blue flowers with deep purple calyxes from late spring into early summer. Compared to the industry standard ‘May Night’, it has a much denser habit, a more concentrated show of color, and a neater habit in containers, increasing its impulse appeal at retail
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